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Farm Services

We, at Kenwyn, cover all farm animals, all the vets have a vast knowledge and experience with dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and camelids.

For all clients we offer over the phone advice to work around a busy farming schedule and clients can speak to the vets direct to discuss any issues they may have.

Here at the practice, we have facilities to take in a wide variety of inpatients for operations, routine procedures and intensive care.

We have a number of rubber floored cattle stables as well as an easy to use handling system and a crush which enables us to regularly perform LDA operations, caesareans, and exploratory investigative operations and allowing us to closely monitor post-surgery before returning home.

We also have four multipurpose calf/sheep/goat pens in which smaller animals can be operated on and/or monitored closely for intensive care.

For more information the services that we provide for each species, please click below or give us a call at the practice.


  • Calving assistance and emergency caesareans
  • TB Testing - pre-movement tests as well as AHVLA required tests
  • Castrations and dehorning / disbudding
  • Pregnancy diagnosis using hand held scanners for efficiency
  • Lameness treatment and control – in association with the AHDB Healthy feet program
  • Disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention plans
  • Investigative on farm work
  • Blood and faecal testing
  • Routine disease blood sampling for accredited herds
  • Calf hernia correction surgery

Dairy Cattle

In addition to the above cattle work we also offer routine dairy cattle fertility visits with the latest ultrasound scanning equipment.

At the routine visits vets and farmers can discuss any problems, and together make workable plans to maximise herd health and productivity. Our plans have an emphasis on preventative medicine as well as working in collation with other industry professionals and schemes to maximise farm profitability.

We also offer in-depth mastitis investigation, treatment and prevention plans, in order to increase milk yield and try to decrease costs to farmers.


  • Lambing assistance and emergency caesareans
  • Fertility
  • Ram vasectomies
  • Flock health plans
  • Vaccines and vaccination plans
  • Blood testing for certification – in association with SAC consulting, sheep health scheme
  • Illness investigations on farm and at practice


  • Kidding assistance and emergency caesareans
  • Castrations
  • Dehorning and disbudding
  • Illness investigations on farm and at practice
  • Worming advice
  • Blood testing for certification – in association with SAC consulting, goat health scheme


  • Camelids birthing assistance
  • Castrations
  • Worming advice
  • Illness investigations on farm
  • Dental investigations


  • Farrowing assistance
  • Worming advice
  • Illness investigations on farm
  • Herd health plans